Custom Framing

Available for all my Artworks and Prints, or for your own artworks, prints, memorabilia, photographs, certificates, medals, tapestries, etc.

Choose from a huge selection of:

 Frame Mouldings and Mat Boards

 The item codes are located on each image.
 For Example:

 Frame Code:  A193710 30mm (12)      
Mat Board Code: AQ5162 Ivy Green
Options Available
Including: Clear Glass, Non-Reflective, Perspex,
MDF or Foamcore backings,
White, Cream and Black core Mat Boards,
Museum/Gallery quality Mat Boards, V-Groove cuts,
Box Framing, Padding, Stretching and much more.
All Mat Boards are acid-free.

If you are unsure or have a query
Please don't hesitate to contact me.
I can offer advice on Framing and Mat Board selections, and the design and layout of your framing order.

Pick & Delivery 
Available in the Adelaide, SA metropolitan

Mat Board V-Groove

A fine 2mm V-Groove cut along the face of the Mat Board, to expose the colour core of the board which gives a fine line exposed effect.

Black core Mat Boards are obviously suited for this,

using for example,

a Red Mat Board black core with a V-Groove exposing a fine black line around the Mat Board face,

or a Green Mat Board with a V-Groove exposing the White or Cream core.

Raised Mat Board & Raised Mat Board Size

Items/s can be box framed, raised mat boards,

either double mat or single, with a base mat etc, and options for different heights available.

Choose from 3 Options

Clear Glass, Non-Reflective Glass and Clear Perspex


Regular MDF or Foam Core.

Regular MDF is used for the majority of framed items.

For all Artworks I suggest Foam Core for your backing.​​

Back Stands

Back Stands are available if required.

Ideal for smaller framed items if required to stand on a table or mantelpiece etc.

Canvas Backing Frame & Stretching

Available for Canvas Prints or Artworks, Tapestries

that require a backing frame and / or

stretching before framing.


Plaques are available in any size to suit

Available in brass, silver, gold, black.

Text, images and logos can be added to plaques.

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